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October 16th 2021

Thanks a lot to all our group members, who shared their interview experience. 

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ICICI Questions:

Just given ICICI campus interview. It lasted 15 mts max.
Here are the possible questions that they can ask:-

  • 1. Current ratio, Quick ratio, DSCR, ICR, CAR (and their ideal ratios and why ?)
  • 2. Basel 2&3 (basics only)
  • 3. Debtor days and Inventory days ratio (purpose?)
  • 4. Financial Leverage Ratios & solvency ratios (ideal ratios and why)
  • 5. 5Cs of Credit 
  • 6. Repo rate and Reverse repo rate (basic definition)
  • 7. CRR and SLR (basic definition)
  • 8. CIBIL (why it is checked and why it's imp?)
  • 9. Gross NPA vs Net NPA (basic diff.)
  • 10. IRAC norms 
  • 11. Why you want to join ICICI ?

Person 2:  Related to the introduction you gave, your articleship, IND AS in general, credit analysis ratios, RBI regulations, Why banking sector, preferred profile, preferred location

Person 3:  They are asking about credit analysis. What will you do and what documents etc and during covid, what factors will you consider? And other basic questions.

Person 4:

  • Diff in bank and nbfc
  • Relief to account holders in covid

Person 5

  • ceo of icici bank
  • Repo n reverse repo rate what do they mean and rates currently
  • Cibil
  •  For home loan how would u check pprs
  • What do u know about icici
  •  Y icici bank
  • Then they asked if u are in for sales roles ...i said no
  • they asked about personal n family details
  • The preferred location if in 
  •  Current ratio n what is ideal ratio


General Credit Questions : Basic things you can expect for these kind of job profiles are ..

  • 1 How do you assess a company's performance and health based on the financial statements? .(Hint-your answer should include -growth in sales/profits/comparisions/ key ratios like D/E, leverage)
  • 2 Given the financial statements of company, you may be asked to figure out the nature of the Industry. (Hint-First check out the Fixed asset components ,whether its capital intensive or labour intensive, the bottom line margins are thin or high..)
  • 3 What is bridge financing or syndication ? why is it required.
  • 4 What the different ways a company can raise funds ?(Hint- Capital ,Debt, Excess credit from the suppliers. + within Debt-secured vs unsecured etc)
  • 5 What is Packing credit or Export credit limit ? why are they used?
  • 6 Special focus on Working capital ratios, Debt and equity ratios.




PWC SDC  - Campus Placement Questions

1) Person 1
- General Q on audit like 
- what are assertion
- internal controls
- IndAS 115
- steps to recognise revenue

2) Person 2
-Articleship Experirence
- Audit Assertion
- Methods of preparation Cash flow stat.
- How will u check going concern

3) Person 3
- Debenture Redemption Reserve
- Cash inflated case or cash rich company h kya problem face ho sakti h
- WACC or cost of capital
- Why pwc sdc
- Articleship experience and when was the time you agreed with management

4) Person 4
- Trade payable (how to vouch, how to check undervalue or overvalue of TP)
- 10mins of questions on TP only
- Amortisation indicators
- Audit opinions
- External confirmation
- Audit assertion
- Types of audit sampling

5) Person 5

  • About yourself
  • Materiality 
  • Account receivable
  • Inventory check 
  • Bank balance confirmation

Person 6:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Assertion
  • Materiality
  • Audit risk and types
  • Preferred location
  • Difference between dep, amortisation and impairment

Person 7:

  • Tell me about  urself
  • Impairment indicators
  • How to audit trade receivables
  • Tell me Abt urself
    year end balance of receivables
    Audit assertion
    Ind as 115

Person 8:

  • Articleship experience
  • Materiality , Performance materiality,CTT
  • Control testing
  • IND As116
  • ECL method - Expected credit loss from Ind AS 109
  • Stages of Audit

Person 9 

  • Audit Assertions
  • Checking of Accounts Receivable
  • Grilled me a lot on Accounts receivable

Person 10

  • 1. Tell me about yourself
  • 2. Materiality, Performance mat
  • 3. Test of control
  • 4. Ind AS 116
  • 5. About articleship
  • 6. Achievements apart from profession
  • 7. Favorite item in BS and PL
  • 8. ECL

Person 11

  • Type or Audit opinion
  • Risk or material misstatement 
  • Contingent asset
  • How to verify fraud
  • How to verify cash and bank balance
  • How to verify bank balance if Bank not give balance confirmation
  • Materiality 
  • Assertion

Person 12

Hello sir, Questions asked in pwc sdc kolkata for Bengaluru centre-. Basics in audit like materiality, steps for deciding materiality, why do we prepare cash flow statement, what is cash and cash equivalent, what do you mean by liquidity, what is mutual fund, Difference between statutory audit and internal audit, Examples of cash and cash equivalents. What are marketable securities!

Person 13

  • Audit assertion 
  • Internal control
  • Internal audit 
  • Statutory audit 
  • SOX audit


- Articleship experience
- How will you vouch sales invoice,purchase invoice(means wether genuine transaction or not)
- How will you recognise revenue as per As/Indas.
- About indas116 Entry for Lease liability
- How will you calculate Lease liab.
- Exemption of Indas116
- Caro2020 vs 2016


Internal Audit

  • The questions were related to my work experience only. These included work done in
  • P2P process
  • Scrap
  • O2C process
  • IRDAI compliances covered, etc
  • Why KPMG?
  • Talk about yourself.



EY Stat Audit - 1st round

- tell me about yourself
- Articeship exp
- CARO 2020 vs CARO 2016
- Case study related to undisputed stat dues and disputed stat dues. He asked question and I had to answer whether it will be reported or not
- Discuss about INDAS 115, 116, how it is different from AS-19
- What is Deferred Tax (asked 2-3 example)
- Latest change in Schedule III
- Ask any Question

2nd round (Partner)
- I mentioned about Stock audit, so they asked how you will you check Inventory
- Method of valuation of inventory, forumla
- IndAS 115, 116
- Deferred Tax
- Ask any Q


BDO - 1st round

- Asked Q related to Articleship exp (from CV only)
- INDAS 115, 116 (1-2 case study)
- Deferred Tax
- CARO 2020
- Content of Audit report
- Type of Audit opinion
- Difference between EOM and Key Matter paragraph
- What is external confirmation
- What is Internal Financial control, what are its objective, its applicability
- CARO 2020 s CARO 2016
- Ask any Q

2nd Round
- It was simple
- Ask about Articleship exp
- Family Background
- Change in CARO and Schedule III
- Ask any Q

PWC LLP - Taxation

1. Taxation of dividend
2. Long term short term capital gain.
3. Articleship experience.
4. Tax rate for new regime for company assesee.



  • Articleship experience
  • Ind as 109 basic
  • Audit Assertions
  • Sec 43B
  • Caro fixed assets points
  • how will you vouch cash n bank balance, revenue

Person 2

  • Types of opinion
  • Explanation for unmodified opinion
  • Audit risk
  • Materialty
  • Assertions for PPE
  • relationship between materiality and Audit procedure


PWC  - Technical Risk Assurance Role

  • About job profile
  • Cyber risk
  • Government efforts to mitigate data privacy risk
  • How to check Purchase
  • Various assertions

Person 2:

 Indas 109,internal controls, stat audit and internal audit diff, and other ques were related to articleship experience.  Basically everything related to work experience from resume

Person 3

  • Walk through you resume
  • Quote to cash 
  • Sap reports codes(any)
  • Have seen any automatic or manual control during your audit?
  • Two way check 
  • Knowledge of IT audit


EY  GDS  (Off - Campus)

Articleship experience and based on CV

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Why EY Not any other Big four
3. 5 Steps for Recording revenue
4. difference Between Old and new leases
5. Article ship based questions
6. Audit of revenue in manufacturing unit and Purchase in case of Service sector



  • Walk through your resume 
  • Materiality
  • Audit of account receivables 
  • Issues faced while leading a team
  • Why ey 
  • Comfortable with relocating



  • It was purely based on the introduction you gave to them
  • - Asked About profile which I want
  • Then ask about ratio that we have to check in credit analysis
  • Then personal questions
  • Why this profile
  • Why Bank


Person 2

  • They are asking about credit analysis. What will you do and what documents will you check etc and during covid, what docs will you consider? And other basic questions.

Accenture Online Assessment

  • first part was about budgeting and forecast
  • 2nd part  English
  • 3rd part - Excel
  • 4th a paragraph on technology bringing people together

Accenture India Interview Questions -

Three Rounds excluding the first shortlisting round and each round is an elimination round

First Round :

A. Case study Based Questions

B. Technical questions on DT like TDS, Tax Audit limits

C. Technical Questions in IDT like what is Eway Bill, limits for E-Invoicing

D. Technical Questions on Accounts like what will be the accounting entries, explain the order to cash cycle, Trade Payables cycle

E. Introduce yourself briefly

F. Why Accenture

G. How did you help clients during your articleship

H. Challenges faced during your articleship by you and how did you resolve them (Challenges in work)

Once you are done with the first round then you are shortlisted for second round Second Round Interview

Questions: A. Brief overview about your three years of articleship

B. Questions revolving on your articleship exposure, areas performed, work done

C. Rewards and Recognition during your articleship period

Each Interview round lasted for 20-25 mins. Once you are done with second round then you are shortlisted for third round that ie HR round

Note: Both first round and second round are elimination round. The final round is HR round where you are asked some general questions like work location, your favourite CA Final subjects etc.

Internal Audit Questions

  • -About your internal audit experience. 
  • -Major findings while performing internal audit.
  • -p2p cycle, o2c cylcle.
  • - How do you find wheather there are any fictitious employees. 
  • -can give you a case study also.




  • What you've done in your articleship...
  • Internal Controls...
  • Internal control procedures for financial management...
  • Ratios for creditworthiness of a potential borrower...
  • Accounting entries...
  • Accounting errors like omissions and principle...
  • SOX Act... Sec 404



All questions revolves around your CV and some tech. Ques from Ind as 109



It was majorly based on soft skills.. nothing technical.. questions related to tell me about yourself, strength and weakness etc



  • Tell me about yourself
  • 5 step of ind as 115
  • Differ bw 3ca and 3cb in tax audit
  • Why u want to work in walker?
  • What u know about GT?



  • First they asked which ind as you are comfortable, then I said anyone.
  • After that they asked everything from 115.
  • csr applicability, amount or csr and ammendment
  • ind as 2 inventory evaluation wrt fixed cost
  • ifc applicability



  • Recent ammendments in CARO, CSR provisions, Schdule 3 format.
  • Questions on test of controls and test of details.
  • Materiality, Audit sampling and Assertions.


EY STat India

  • SA 701 application
  • Deferred tax on subsidiary profit
  • Ind as 115 cost structure
  • Antidiluted EPS
  • Audit of PPE
  • Tell me about yourself


Deloittee USI

(A) Deloitte USI Technical Interview Questions :-

  • 1. Audit Assertions
  • 2. Cut off procedures
  • 3. Difference you've observed b/w Stat. Audit, Internal Audit and Concurrent Audit of banks
  • 4. To whom the Audit Report is directed/issued under Stat. Audit, Internal Audit and Tax Audit
  • 5. Your major observations in Stat. audit
  • 6. Walkthrough your CV
  • 7. Ind AS - 115 (M.Imp)

(B) HR Round Questions :-

  • 1. What is your educational background ?
  • 2. What is your experience ?
  • 3. What's your salary expectation ?
  • 4. Why do you want to join Deloitte ?
  • 5. Why Statutory AUDIT ? OR Why specifically audit as your field ?


Group Discussion

Barclays - Role of digitisation in Banking industry
Vedanta - Electric vehicle future of india

Salary - CTC in Lakhs

  • Payscale is based on articleship firm for most of the companies
  • PWC SDC 7.5 lakhs - 10  lakh
  • BSR - 8 
  • Bharti -  12.75
  • Accenture (SAP profile) has 8.7   (7 alkh finxed)
  • Pwc sdc has 9.66+ 50k joining bonus
  • PWC SDC - 8.25 lakhs

FP&A Profile - Accenture

1. Tell me about urself
2. How would u say the balance sheet is healthy?
3. What is budgeting and different types of budgeting
4. How do you prepare a budget?
5. Difference between budgeting and forecasting
6. Pricing model
7. Is there any chance that when a company has a good cash flow but the balance sheet is not healthy
8. What is letter of credit?
9. What is LFAR?
10. What is IRR?
11. How do you prepare a cash flow statement and what are the components of cash flow statement..





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