4 Days Certificate Course on GST

July 10th 2021

FREE  - 4 Days Certificate Course on GST will be held from 12th to 15th July 2021.

Date: 12 - 15 July 2021
Time: 4 PM - 6 PM

Topic: 4 Days Certificate Course on GST

Chief Guest: Sh. Paramjit Singh Ji - Deputy Excise & Taxation Commissioner
Inauguration by: CA. Ashok Batra Ji
Guest Speaker (Day 1): CA. Aanchal Kapoor
Guest Speakers (Day 2): CA. Aanchal Kapoor & CA. Hemakshi Arora
Guest Speakers (Day 3): CA. Ashok Batra Ji & CA. Siddhant Pathak
Guest Speakers (Day 4): CA. Navya Malhotra

Zoom Registration Link: http://bit.ly/VOCA_GST15



*DAY-1 Mon, 12.07.21*
Keynote Address *Chief Guest Sh. Paramjit Singh Ji-Deputy Excise & Taxation Commissioner*
Inaugural Address *CA. Ashok Batra Ji*
Speaker *CA. Aanchal Kapoor*
Industry: *E-Commerce Operators, TDS & TCS*

*DAY-2 Tue, 13.07.21*
Speaker *CA. Aanchal Kapoor*
Industry: *Charitable Institutions*
Speaker *CA. Hemakshi Arora*
Industry: *Healtcare*

*DAY-3 Web, 14.07.21*
Speaker *CA. Ashok Batra Ji & Siddanth Pathak*
Industry: *Import & Export, Gems & Jewellery*

*DAY-4 Thu, 15.07.21*
Speaker *CA. Navya Malhotra*
Industry: *Tour & Travel, Hospitality & Forex*

Kindly forward to others

Limited 1000 seats only


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